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Welcome to Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation

Welcome to Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation’s new website. We have tried to incorporate TAC’s journey from 1978 through to 2012, showcasing our humble beginnings to our current achievements. The corporation has grown alongside its community to improve our health and well-being and work in partnership with outside agencies to close the gap on indigenous health.

I am proud to be the current Chairperson of the organisation and to participate in the future growth of Tharawal and its community. We launch our website today to take us into the next phase of Tharawal’s future. We hope you enjoy using our website and contribute to our journey to bigger and better Tharawal.

Yours Sincerely

Doris Slabb

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Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation

Tharawal Aboriginal Medical Service strives to provide a wide range of medical services at the highest standard possible to members of the Aboriginal community. We seek, with the provision of effective medical services to prevent and treat the medical conditions that are common among our community. we believe that through the provision of appropriate medical services we can improve the standard of health within the aboriginal community.